Chinese Cooking

chinese kitchen

The kitchen equipment needed to cook authentic Chinese food

Finding good Chinese food can be a real challenge particularly in some pets of the country. Having the right kitchen equipment  and restaurant flatware available can help you to cook Chinese food in the privacy of your own home. Consider the following kitchen equipment to allow you to make authentic and delicious Chinese dishes.

1) The Wok: The wok has been at the forefront of Chinese cooking for thousands of years. Early models even resemble modern day works with little changes. The most authentic woks are made from carbon steel which needs to be treated and seasoned to avoid rust. However simple steps can keep these devices operating effectively. There are also stainless steel versions that are more convenient to use as they don’t rust. The next major consideration when buying a wok is whether to get a rounded bottom or a flat bottom wok. A flat bottom won’t topple and needs no additional equipment to work. A rounded bottom wok uses a ring for a support and provides for a better overall cooking vehicle as a wider range of food is subject to the heating source and allows for a quicker and more even stir fry.

2) The Steamer: Steaming food is a healthy way to cook as it adds no oil and preserved more of the nutritional content of food than any other cooking method. The Chinese have a long tradition of Steaming foods from vegetables, stuffed meat buns, to fish and these dishes can quickly and easily be prepared with little effort. The most common piece of kitchen equipment used to steam foods is a bamboo steamer which is placed over a wok of pot that is filled with water and filled with the items you are planning on streaming. The items are heated with the steam and are easy to consume. Stainless steel steamers are also valid alternatives and can be used to make a wide range of dishes. Steamers are cheap and easy to use and can be used for a host of Chinese dishes.

cooking with a wok3) Hot Pot: from the Sichuan region of comes a dish known as Hot Pot that not only lives up to its name and is quite spicy but also requires a special pot with the same name to prepare. Hot pot kitchen equipment includes a portable propane burner and a resting spot for a pot that contains two separate sides so that the hot oil broth can be bifurcated into spicy and less spicy sections. When the hot pot cooks the guests put a mix of vegetables and meats in it and eat. The equipment is simple but allows for an interesting and authentic Chinese dish.

As we have seen some pretty basic kitchen can turn out some impressive Authentic Chinese dishes. Perform some research by visiting Chinese restaurants and finding the dishes you enjoy to see the options out there and find the right equipment for your kitchen.